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How to Wear Heel Sandals for Summer 2017

Sandals are known to be summer footwear. The airy setting of the shoes help in keeping your feet well ventilated and you do not need to stuff your feet in shoes anymore. Heel sandals are way more elegant than sandals themselves for you get to feel comfortable and airy with elegance and style. There are many designs heel sandals making them a great option for you. There are styles for casual outfits, some for dresses, some for formal events and meetings and others for simple day to day wear. Read below to find out all about the sexiest summer outfits for 2017 you can make with these heels:

Mini Dress with Heel Sandals

If you have long legs and long to show them off then a mini dress will do you loads of justice. Pick out a floral or white one with cute detail and pair it with some heel sandals. Go for a strappy mini gladiator like design.

Block Heel Sandals

You can see these types of heel sandals in the 2nd picture from the images below. Pick out a pair in black and match it with a white high waisted midi skirt. Keep your look simple and cool with a sleeveless top tucked in your skirt.

Lace and Heel Sandals

Lace is another very summery material that you can wear in the shape of dresses or tops. This outfit will need you to go for a full sleeve (optional) white lace dress with fringe detail around the hem (optional). This type of dress looks great with a pair of chunky heeled beige heel sandals.

Skirt with Loose Top

One of the best and chicest casual outfits for summer this one is super versatile and can be paired/matched with everything. Keep your look simple with a pair of mirrored sunnies and printed/floral heel sandals.