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How to Wear Tweed Jackets

Tweed jackets are somewhat delicate fashion items. You can’t really wear them with all sorts of clothing. In fact they are entitled to their very own outfits. Check them out below:

Formal Denim Look

A formal outfit made from casual clothes is what makes the perfect outfit. This one consists of a dark wash skinny jeans, white polka dot or striped full sleeve shirt (tucked into the jeans) with a light maroon tweed jacket.

Neutrally Shaded

This outfit consists of nothing but black, white and grey. Here is what you need for it: slim fit black trousers, black and white striped top, grey tweed jackets and to complete the look animal print shoes.

Dress Shirt Look

Dress shirts are become increasingly popular with the trends of nowadays. They look really good on literally everyone. Go for a V-necked black dress shirt (tie a belt around the waist), sheer black pantyhose and a dark grey tweed jacket. You can wear much jewelry with this look.

Casual Chic Outfit

This carefully constructed look consists of a really lovely and trendy collection of fashion items. Which are: white long (thigh length) button down blouse, black skinny jeans, knee high leather boots and a grey tweed jacket featuring a ruffled design. Pair with a chic black bag.

Sophisticated Work Gal Look

For this work look you will need some layering done. Not of your hair but of your clothes. Here’s what you need to do: white collared formal shirt, black scoop neck full sleeve sweater, leather leggings, statement black and white heels and simple light gray tweed jacket.

Tweed Jackets and Dress

Tweed jackets look surprisingly chic with a dress of any sort. For this look you want to go for a white lace knee length dress with a blue tweed jacket with white detail.