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Knitted Scarf – Contemporary Looks to Go For

Scarves are a vital part of every winter outfit when the weather truly becomes a pain in the bones. They will not only keep your outfit looking sophisticated and trendy but provide you with warmth and protection against the bitter cold. Now, before you pick out a scarf make sure it is made from warm material or else it is really useless. A knitted scarf is a prime pick for every outfit whether formal or not. You can also pair it with dresses which comes across as a special feature because dresses can’t be paired with everything. Here are a few modern and chic looks to go for or derive inspiration from:

Skinny Jeans Look with Knitted Scarf

Skinny jeans are perfect to be worn in winter. They keep you warm and always look trendy and compliment your body shape. For this look you will need: black skinny jeans, simple full sleeved top, army green jacket, midi boots and a thick grey knitted scarf.

Easy and Comfortable Warmth

Everyone wants to stay warm in winter but it is difficult when you have to dress up in prissy items. This look keeps it easy with: skinny jeans, knitted sweater, knee high leather boots, a thick knitted scarf and a crossbody bag.

Skirts All Year Round

Are you going to wear a skirt in winter? If you are then this look should be your first option: mini black dress, black pantyhose, strappy booties, white woolen sweater and a knitted scarf.

Leggings for Pants

Opt for warm leggings for this look because it’s going to get stylish. You will need: black leggings, grey full sleeve woolen sweater, dark tree green mid thigh length coat. Opt for an oversized knitted scarf for the casual touch.

Model Look

Leather leggings, black and white v neck top, leather jacket and a chunky knitted scarf will be all the things you need for this look.