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Sequin Skirt Outfits for Your Day

Every girl loves glitter and glam in her wardrobe. Even if she usually wears neutral or dark colors and does not get a chance to glamorize herself, there is supposed to be a pretty outfit or two present in her wardrobe. With a sequin skirt you can lock your room everyday knowing that whenever a party comes up you can whip out the skirt and create a great outfit in a matter of minutes. That is the best thing about sequin skirts is that they are easy and versatile. They can be quickly partnered with any top and provide you with a look that will turn heads left and right. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Total Bedazzling Chica

If you own a gold sequin skirt then you are in awesome luck. The gold ones are always the prettiest. Find a black cropped tank top that is either loose or fitting. If fitting, tuck in skirt. A gold belt is optional. Strap on your highest and sexiest black/gold heels and you have a simple 2 colored outfit that absolutely slays.

Too Much?

White also goes great with gold. A cami with a short sequin skirt is definitely an Instagram worthy outfit.

Formal Type 

Want a semi-professional look? Not really heading out for a party but a dinner date? No problem, you can still add sequins to your look. But, now instead you can find yourself a black sequin knee-length skirt. A matching black sheer top would do but you can toy around with the colors and choose cream or beige for your top color.

Army Greens and Khakis

Nothing wrong with camouflaging your outfit and choosing the famous army colors. Green and brown sequin skirts definitely have a place in your wardrobe. All you need is an army jacket and a few khaki camis to complete your gorgeous look.