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How to Elegantly Wear Ripped Leggings

At first sight, ripped leggings may appear to look trashy or unfitting for many occasions but do not judge a book by its cover (leggings with its rips). Many famous stars like Kendall Jenner have worn these ripped fashion pieces for going out and about. And they look amazing! Not because they are models but because their outfits are balanced perfectly and here is how you can style your outfit with ripped tights.

Ankle Boots, Long Shirt and Handbag

For an effortless look, partner all these items together. Your long shirt may reach your thighs or slightly below them, no problem. The boots should not go further than your ankles otherwise, the ripped leggings look is ruined. Add sunnies or a sun hat for effect.

Casual and Easy

Heading to shopping? Meeting friends for a casual look combine these items from your wardrobe: short t-shirt (not crop top), hoodie/cardigan, sunnies, backpack and sneakers.

All Black Gothic Babe

Are you a sucker for goth looks? This one is soft goth and includes items in ONLY black color; zipper ankle boots, graphic tee, leather jacket and a black fedora for a touch of class.

Simple No Sophistication

Partner your ripped leggings with some platform heels and an asymmetrical t-shirt. That is it!

Tank and Booties

For this look you can choose boots that reach a little higher than your ankles but that is as far as they will go. Choose a tank top in a matching (or not) color with your ripped tights. You can add a handbag for elegance but a backpack is a go-to.

Posh and Cosmopolitan

This look has some layers to it and needs a few too much items. Boot heels, handbag, t shirt, sunglasses and a blazer. Some ladies like to add some street touch to it by wearing a leather glove on a single hand.