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3 Baby T Shirts Ideas

If having a baby is not a joy in itself, shopping for baby clothes must be. Finding baby t-shirts is no big deal because there are huge varieties of them in every other store you come across. Colors, designs, styles and materials all differ but there is one thing missing. Where’s the coolio in these shirts? Every baby needs a dash of awesome and cool in their outfit. Here are some ideas for baby t shirts you can keep in mind when customizing your shirts;

Text Designs

A very mainstream and usual idea to creating baby t shirts is using text and different catchy phrases. That is a good option if you want to quickly bulk order a big amount of customized shirts. Lines like “God gave me you”, “Future Hogwarts Student”, “No Hair Don’t Care”, “Little Man/Lady”, “Naps and Gangsta Raps”…etc.


Finding awesome pictures and cute images on the internet is not a tackle. Many times you come across some adorable graphics on Instagram or Pintrest and you get so taken with it. Now’s the time to put that on a baby’s t shirt and let the magic begin! Cartoon characters, clip art and gradients are a perfect example.

Plain Shirts

There are many colors in this world that have yet to be put on baby t shirts. Going for a specific family theme for the holidays? Want your kid to stand out during playgroup time? All these questions of yours have their answers! Simply customize your t shirt by using a unique color never seen before. You can also make the front of the t shirt a color and the back a different one. The possibilities are endless, you just have to think hard enough and let your creativity do the rest.

Just make sure your baby loves the result.