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Plants You Can Easily Grow In Water

If you’re a plant lover like me who’s made too many mistakes by killing valuable greenery due to overwatering, then why not consider growing plants directly *in* water instead?

Growing plants in water means no messy soils and no worrying about watering them every other day. With these plants, you don’t need fancy hydroponic systems either! Plus, you never have to feel guilty about drowning them.

Does that sound good to you? If so, then let’s get started!

How to grow plants in water
It is incredibly easy to grow plants in water. Just check out the simple steps below to get started right away!

The first step is to choose a plant you want to grow in water (see below for a comprehensive list of options).
Then take a cutting from an existing plant.
Next, choose a container for your plant. It’s a good idea to choose a glass vase with a thinner neck to support the plant, but any container will do.
Put it in a room with bright, indirect light. A slightly warm spot with a temperature that doesn’t change too often is perfect.
Lastly, wait for your plant to grow!