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Gym Bag Essentials for A Fresh Start

Are you planning on joining the gym? Want to start off this year with a fresh bang? Well, you are going to need to start somewhere and that starting point should be a gym bag. You do want to enter the gym looking professional and knowing what you are doing, no? Everyone who has been to the gym for a long time and is experienced when it comes to fitness, knows that a gym bag is vital to bring along during your daily routines. You can start off by getting your own bag from the most reputable provider on the internet or go for the upper crust branded ones at Adidas. After you’ve gotten your bag here are all the things to pack in it:

Energy Bars

Working out on a full stomach never worked out for anyone. Instead of filling your stomach go for energy bars. And you can’t ever have enough of them in your gym bag. They come in handy!

Water Flask

Hydration is key! Get yourself a refillable water flask and always keep it full and take a sip between workouts.

Extra Towels

Showering at the gym is an offer no one can turn down. But, avoid using any other towel that is not yours for hygiene and safety’s sake.


Shampoo and soap must always be available in your gym bag. And don’t forget the deodorant or perfume spray (optional).

Flip Flops

You can’t shower in your gym shows!

Portable Shoe Bag

Dumping your shoes in next to your granola bars is a terrible idea. Get a small portable shoe bag and problem solved!

Spare Shirts and Shorts

Do not wear the same clothes you worked out in after showering! Who does that? Keep a pair of clean, washed shirt and trousers in your gym bag at all times.


Ah! Why wasn’t this first in the list? Who can workout without music? If you do, then you probably should start working out with music because it’s more effective according to HuffingtonPost.