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Casual Beach Wedding Dresses – Choose Your Dream Dress

Nothing seems better than a spontaneous wedding in the spot you love the most in the entire world. Beaches seem to steal the hearts of many girls and will forever have a special place in that same heart they stole. Having your wedding in a beach is a dream come true for many brides to be. But, because beaches are as spontaneous as can be you cannot plan a whole wedding with seating arrangements, singers…etc. Weather changes are frequent and any time you could have the sand blowing in your eyes. So what to do? Go for a casual beach wedding.

Pair your casual beach wedding with an equally casual beach wedding dress. You can find some casual beach wedding dresses’ ideas below:


Wanna go for that type of dress? Layers and cinched waists are a #1 priority. They also do not necessarily have to the reach the ground. Find a casual beach wedding dress that reaches your shins. Lace strapless casual beach wedding dresses suit the beach’s natural surroundings.


Casual beach wedding dresses styled like the apparel of a mermaid are literally the best you can get. A design like the 6th picture in the gallery would be perfect. With your dress flowing behind you, it will be a picturesque wedding.

Slitted Designs

Strangely so, slits in dresses look highly beachy. Every dress that has a slit on its side (even if it reaches up to your waist) is a perfect one.

Short Designs

There is no rule for casual beach wedding dresses to be long and flowy. If you want a short wedding dress go for it. It’s your dream wedding anyway! Make its memory last.


Yes! Definitely yes! Every casual beach wedding dress that had floral designs on the brassiere cups, hemline, straps, sleeves…etc is a keeper.