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How to Pick the Ideal Weekend Bags for Men

Finding the perfect weekend bag for men for a getaway or a well-deserved vacation is not always a piece of cake. Seeing that you need to take items with you that ensure the quality of your trip, the safekeeping of these items is of primary importance. This can be easily achieved if you have the ideal weekend bag. So how do you pick an ideal weekend bag for men?

Strong and Sturdy

The key to picking the perfect weekend bag is making sure that it is sturdy and strong. If you notice that is is feeble or delicate, do not look at it twice. Most times designers focus more of the stylistic aspect of bags and ignore the fact that sturdiness is the actual jackpot. You need to know that baggage handling is never done gently so you need a bag that can handle being thrown around.


Pockets are your best friend in weekend bags for men. Sure the bigger ones are great but smaller pockets are very important too. Razors, our passport, car keys and smaller nifty stuff of the sort gets lost in the bigger pockets. When picking out a weekend bag make sure you pick one that comes with plenty of pockets because chances are you will need every single one of those.


Handles are very important. Weekend bags for men and women pretty much need enough handles for you to be able to carry them however you please or see fit. Sometimes bags comes with a single strap handle but that is not enough or even convenient. A smaller pair of handles can come in very handy (hah! get it?).  Similarly, bags that only come with a small pair of handles are not enough as you need the strap handles in case your hands are full.