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Types of Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

As it is common knowledge, dresses in general have so many types of styles and cuts. Regarding the flow, material, texture and fall everything can be different according to your liking. Similarly wedding dresses are the same with their versatility.

But because wedding dresses are way more special than normal dresses, they sort of have a bigger variety. One of the most popular types of wedding dresses is the sweetheart wedding dresses. Greatly distinguished by their totally gorgeous neckline that looks like the 2 upper bumps of a heart.

Sweetheart wedding dresses like all the other types of wedding dresses have many varieties concerning fabric fall, material, silhouette and most importantly color. You have all these options when you go for sweetheart wedding dresses. But how many types are there really disregarding fabric and material.

Trumpet Fall

The second picture in the gallery portrays this type of dress accurately. Many women prefer this style over others because it still has a flare to it after accentuating all your curves.

Mermaid Silhouette

Which girl does not want to become a mermaid? All females adore the mythical mermaid creature and can’t seem to get enough of it. With this style incorporated in sweetheart wedding dresses, girls will fall head over heels in love with their bridal dress.

A Line Cut

There is not one girl that despises or finds this style unflattering. Not only does this design accentuate and praise every woman’s body but it also looks great partnered with any bridal theme. Pair it with a floral crown and your Disney princess dream wedding will come true.

Ball Gown Diva

You must recognize this type of dress from the famous 1950 Cinderella Disney movie. With Cinderella’s absolutely gorgeous ball gown that glittered and shimmered, the younger version of you mentally wished that you would wear that to your wedding. Along with a sweetheart neckline your ball gown wedding dress will turn heads and drop jaws.