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Conophytum Care Guide

Conophytum is a small succulent that grows in dense clumps. Due to its miniature size and bright yellow or purple flowers, the plant is very popular among succulent lovers. These small plants produce dense leaves that often grow in heart-shaped pairs.

Planting time
As a houseplant, Conophytum can be planted at any time. However, it is often best to plant or repot the plant shortly before it begins its active growth phase. This usually happens in late summer or early fall when the plants’ older leaves fall off.

When grown outside a pot, Conophytum can spread up to 60 cm. Therefore, if the plant is growing in a garden, it makes sense to leave enough space between it and other plants.

These plants require a lot of light, but their delicate leaves are prone to sunburn. To balance their light needs, it is best to place a conophytum in a location that is only exposed to light during the coolest times of the day, such as. B. is exposed to direct sunlight in the early morning and evening. These plants tend to face the sun. Therefore, you may be able to tell if the plant needs more light simply by observing how the leaves expand.

As a succulent, Conophytum thrives best in well-drained soil. Cactus or succulent potting soil is a good choice.