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Plus Size Harem Pants – A Style Guide

There are quite a bunch of fashion products that plus size women feel intimidated to wear. There are various reasons to why they refrain from trying out new styles and outfits but the biggest one is that it will make them “look larger”. Bullocks! Wide and baggy clothes when worn right can actually accentuate and flatter your body. Taking plus size harem pants for instance! Their structure, cut and width is quite baggy and a numerous amount of plus sized women go for declining the offer of putting them on. But, it is about time that someone demolishes that fear. Starting with the best ways to wear harem pants for plus sized women:

Choosing The Right Pair

Plus size harem pants are basically pants that flare out from the hips till the knees, then narrow down to a considerably slimmer size. But, shopping for harem pants is not a breeze if that’s what you thought. Material plays a big role in how the flare looks and how it can flatter your body shape. Always opt for lightweight materials like cotton, silk, cotton jersey…etc.

Drop Crotch? Pass!

Possibly the most unattractive and unflattering types of plus size harem pants are those with a dropped crotch. Always stay very far away from such pieces unless you are deciding on making a horrid fashion statement.

Fancy Goes with Fancy

Plus size harem pants are available in a variety of different styles and designs. Meaning you can dress them up for a chic event like a party. But do not commit the mistake of going for a simple/casual with a fancy pair of harem pants. Pair your fancy pants with a fancy top.

Switch It Up with Your Own Type of Style

Every woman has her own personal style wardrobe in which she feels super comfortable and confident in. If that is the case with you then do not hesitate in designing your own outfits with a pair of plus size harem pants.