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How to Get a Bromeliad to Flower

Would you like to see your bromeliad flower with multiple and larger flowers? Follow these tips and tricks!

Bromeliad flower

Get your Bromeliads Blooming can be a tricky business if you don’t know the right method – don’t worry! This is where we come in!

Do bromeliads bloom?

A bromeliad flowers once in its life (with the exception of a few species) and flowering can last several months and sometimes up to a year.

You may not get the same old bromeliad to bloom again, but the plant will grow seedlings around it that produce new flowers.

How to Make a Bromeliad Bloom

1. Ethylene gas exposure

Ethylene gas can greatly promote flowering, so keeping a ripe apple or banana (both release said gas when overripe) near the plant can be helpful.

2. Manipulate lighting conditions

You can get the plant to bloom by keeping it in a dark place for about two weeks – why you might ask? Well, since these plants are very sensitive to changes in photoperiod, this tricks them into thinking it’s time to bloom!

3. Temperature fluctuations

Exposing the plant to a constant temperature will not result in good flowering. Expose it to the lower nighttime temperature (around 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few weeks.

This mimics the natural atmosphere in which it grows and signals to the plant – it’s time to produce a flower!

4. Reduce fertilization

To get these plants to bloom, you don’t have to go all out with full fertilizing – remember, the right method is key here. Reducing fertilizer can stress these plants, often causing them to enter reproductive mode (i.e. flowering) rather than vegetative growth.

Do this once every 10-12 months with a balanced liquid diet diluted to 1/4 of its strength.

5. Controlled drought

Don’t water your bromeliads daily if you want to see them bloom! Reduce the time to about once every 2-3 weeks – mild drought stress like this can cause it to bloom, similar to others flowering plants.

6. Root pruning

This can be a bit controversial and may require careful approach, but it works! Remove the plant from the pot and cut off any excess, damaged and rotting parts of the roots.

This causes mild stress to the plant, which can often stimulate flowering.

7. Use flowering-promoting fertilizers

Choose a fertilizer with a high phosphorus content, such as: B. 10-30-10 – it increases flower production. Dilute to 1/4 the recommended strength and use every 10-12 days increase flower production.

8. Check the water source

Using water rich in minerals is not good for flowers and overall plant health in the long run – use rain or RO water instead of tap water.

9. Maintain root bonding

Keep the plant in a slightly root bound state – how? Well, continue to cultivate it in the same pot even if you see one or two strands of roots sticking out of the drainage hole or topsoil.

This causes mild stress to the plant, which can often stimulate the flowering process as the plant converts its energy into flowering rather than using it for root development.

Note: Do not let the plant grow for a long period of time, otherwise it may die – after a while, repot it into a container one size larger.

Longevity of Bromeliad Flowers: How Long Do They Last?

Bromeliad flower 2

You can expect a bromeliad flower to last anywhere from 3 weeks to 1-2 months depending on the variety, species and growing conditions.