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White Leather Skirt – Fit for Summer or Nah?

Leather is and has always been a major part of the fashion industry. Leather fashion items are a huge must have in every girl’s wardrobe. Whether it is something as small as a leather bracelet or boots, you must get some of these in your collection. But possibly one of the best products made from leather is a white leather skirt. So blindingly beautiful and chic, girls love to transform their look with a single skirt.

But, as always, here’s the snag. Leather is also a very hot clothing piece (pun intended). It plays well in the winters but when the sun goes up and the temperature shoots up, you get all sweaty and the leather sticks to your skin. That is the worst! Here are some tips on how to wear a white leather skirt on the hot days of summer:

Talcum Powder

Rubbing baby powder on your legs before leaving your house in the sun is one of the best ideas to go for. The powder absorbs moisture and sweat leaving your legs dry and unsticky.

Lighter Clothes

If you feel like you are heating up, it must be the top you are wearing. Try to go for a cool, light shirt in a bright color like white, light green/blue or pink. If you want to go fancy you can go for a light floral camisole or an oversize that you can loosely tuck in to your white leather skirt.

No Overalls Just Sun Screen

Keep your skin bare on top as the cooler you get the lesser possibility of you getting all sweaty and gross. Sleeveless tops and strapless shirts are one way to approach the idea. Make sure you have a bottle of sunscreen in your bag for frequent application.

Go Edgier and Shorter

Don’t want to get hot? Simply switch your white leather skirt for a shorter one to keep a health breeze blowing around your legs and avoid sweating.