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What Are Womens Wide Calf Boots and Outfit Inspo

Boots come in all shapes and sizes, no? Different women of all sizes are supposed to wear this type of footwear and reap the best benefits from it. And that is the case with womens wide calf boots. Different than usual boots these are created for women with big legs. Most of such women (or all of them) have thick calves and when it comes to wearing boots this makes a difference. With womens wide calf boots, you can ensure that no cracking, tearing or stretching out happens to your pair of boots for they have built in elastic stripes to help in stretching out the material to accommodate your calves. And as always, check out these outfits below for inspiration:

Skinny Jeans and Layered Tops

Skinnies are the perfect thing to wear with womens wide calf boots. The layering is also a clever part for the trend is high nowadays. Go for a long shirt/tank and on top of it go for a collared dress shirt.

Jeggings and Chic Attire

Jeggings are of course a major “Yes” item in every girl’s wardrobe. For the cutest look opt for navy or dark wash jeggings, grey tee, army green sleeveless jacket and womens wide calf boots.

Overlarge Tee

You have heard of huge sweaters worn as dresses, now welcome the overlarge tee. A t-shirt so big that you can wear it with no pants. Just make sure to pull on a pair of womens wide calf boots.

Romper Mode On

Rompers are really cute items that need to find a place in every woman’s closet. Opt for a dark blue romper with white polks dots and a pair of black womens wide calf boots.

Leather and Pleats

A pleated skirt, as you already know, is one of the most flattering and cutest skirts you can own. Pair one in the color of baby pink, with a light robin egg blue top and a leather jacket along with light brown womens wide calf boots.