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3 Styles to Wear Wool Scarves

It has often happened to us that we have stared at our length in the mirror and have questioned something along the lines: “what am I missing?” or “what do I have to do make my outfit complete”.

However, we have seldom decided that there is a chance that maybe it is the scarf that we are missing from making our outfit complete. These dainty pieces transform casual wear with innovative and posh approaches to creating a definitive look. The focus of this blog will be wool scarves and how you can wear them in different ways to look wooly-mazing.

Why is this? Why do we never ponder on getting the extra, trendy scarf? Why have we never gone shopping especially to add to the scarf-side of the wardrobe?

The answer is simple in terms that we never realize the importance of scarves in the first place. For instance, they are warm, comfortable and necessary for a person living in a cold climate to protect them from getting a stiff neck or even worse, sick.

The scarves come in many types. Some of them are silk, wool, cotton, pashmina, cashmere, linen, etc.

Below are the three styles picked just for you:

  • Use a regular oblong scarf tied as a necktie to make an ideal accompaniment to office wear or for up-market meetings or elegant brunches with friends.
  • Simply loop it around your neck European style or let it hang loose in a cowl neck, wraps come with infinite possibilities to reinvent your signature look.

Here is a tip; you can let it hang over your shoulders down to your elbows to match your little black cocktail dress for an elegant evening out, or loop it over long sleeve top over leather or denim leggings for street chic cuteness.

  • Drape a chunky, knitted scarf across your collarbones and let it hang down your shoulders.