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Which Necklaces to Wear with Boat Neck Tops

Choosing different styles of tops for your wardrobe is recommended by fashion experts. Changing how you look with a top looking slightly different than the other one you wore yesterday can play a big role on how you appear to people. If you did not know, appearance plays a big role in the first impressions people get from dealing/looking at you. Boat neck tops for example are and would be a fresh change for your wardrobe (if you do not already own them). Especially for ladies with slender necks and shapely collarbones, a boat neck top is just the one you should wear. And there are many styles to this type of top. Some reach to exact end of the neck while others swoop down a bit to show some shoulder. Either way, accessorizing is necessary when it comes to wearing any type of top. Read all about some awesome types of necklaces for your boat neck top outfit:

Navel Length Necklaces

With boat neck tops that reach the end of your neck’s muscles you do not want necklaces that are close to your neck. Go for long ones that reach your stomach or below your chest. Adding two or three in your neck is also an option.

Noticeable Thick Necklaces

Boat neck tops that are wider but not deeper are best paired with such necklaces to accentuate and bring attention to the neckline.

Tiny Elegant Necklace

With a boat neck top that swoops lower towards your chest, keep your necklace as short as possible to lie between the collarbones. Small pendants like moons, hearts, anchors and other small items are applicable.

Pearls Are All Time Favorites

Pearls can always be worn with boat neck tops. Even if you have a boat neck dress, it will do. It does not matter if it lies a little on your dress, it is a statement piece of jewelry.