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Amazing tricolor leaf plants for your home

Houseplants with tricolor leaves can be great living examples of nature’s art right in your living space! Read on to find out how these extraordinary plants can add a touch of color to your indoor garden.

1. Croton

Plants with 4 colored leaves 1

Diversity: “Firestar”

Colors: Green, yellow, orange and red

Stunning star-shaped leaves with a vibrant palette of green, yellow, orange and fiery red accents make the Firestar Croton a visually striking choice.

Rex begonia

 Plant with 4 colored leaves

Diversity: “Stained Glass”

Colors: Green, pink, silver and red

Its vibrant leaves look like stained glass with green, pink and silver veins, hence the name! It’s an essential houseplant that you just can’t ignore!

3. Hypoestes phyllostachya (polka dot plant)

Diversity: “Strawberry shake”

Colors: Green, pink, white and purple

Light green leaves decorated with bright pink polka dots and edged in white give the Strawberry Shake Polka Dot plant a playful and charming look!

4. Cissus Discolor (Rex Begonia Vine)

4 color leaves plant 4

Diversity: “Frosted Jade”

Colors: Green, silver, maroon and pink

With leaves with intricate silver flecks, maroon edges, and subtle pink highlights – what’s not to like about Rex Grape Ivy?!

5. Fittonia petoviana

Plants with 4 colored leaves 5

Diversity: “Jungle Queen”

Colors: Green, pink, white and cream

With her delicate foliage in a mix of green, pink, white and cream patterns, this jungle queen adds a beautiful touch to interiors.

6. Ctenanthe setosa (Silverback Ctenanthe)

Plants with 4 colored leaves 6

Diversity: “Gray Star”

Colors: Velvet green, silver, dark pink and burgundy

This striking plant features velvety green leaves decorated with silvery-green stripes! A striking dark pink central vein and subtle burgundy edges make it a real eye-catcher!

7. Tradescantia zebrina

Plants with 4 colored leaves 7

Diversity: “Purple Velvet”

Colors: Green, silver, purple and pink

This Wandering Jew variety has lush green vines, soft leaves with silver stripes, and a deep purple color accented by delicate pink highlights.

8. Triostar Stromanthe

Diversity: “Radiant bliss”

Colors: Pink, green, cream and burgundy

The elongated foliage of this plant features beautiful combinations of 4 colors! If you’ve always wanted an eye-catcher for your living room – THIS is it!

9. Cordyline Bolero

Cordyline Bolero 9

Diversity: “Waihee Rainbow”

Colors: Yellow, red, pink, green

The glossy leaves of this cordyline have beautiful yellow, green, bright red and pink hues. It has long, narrow leaves and a beautiful branching shape.

10. Neoregelia

Neoregelia potted plant 10

Diversity: “Wild Hare”

Colors: Green, red, yellow, black

This specimen has beautiful green leaves with yellow outlines and a beautiful red pattern covering them. The mids are a dark burgundy color, creating a contrast.