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Hillside Landscaping Ideas That Will Improve Your Yard

A hillside property can provide scenic views or other benefits, but it can also pose some of the biggest landscaping challenges. Slopes are more prone to soil erosion and drainage problems, and a steep or uneven slope can be difficult to navigate, making landscaping and maintenance difficult.

A gentle slope is easier to negotiate than a steep slope. It is important to evaluate your property to find the most effective solutions for creating a beautiful landscape while protecting you and your property. Here are some things to look out for, as well as slope greening ideas to get you started.

Your hilly back or front yard may not be ideal for a game of touch football or an outdoor kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t add beauty and color to your home. Update the look and function of your hillside garden with these hillside landscaping ideas. With these tips and suggestions you can prevent a slope garden from going unused.

1. Craftsmanship and nature intertwine on a brick wall

Add a double wall #slope landscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Add depth to the steps with this formal brick wall. The circle of bricks below shows a touch of craftsmanship.

The cascade of flowers planted in the center adds an organic touch to this farmhouse style home.

2. Add charm to a rose garden with a tiered seating area

Add a seating area #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

If the hill in your yard has a flat area, consider building multiple levels. This yard had enough flat space in the middle to add a seating area in the middle.

Placing the bench between retaining walls created a fragrant area between the rose beds.

3. Upgrade your hillside with a stunning waterfall and pool

Add a waterfall #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

A simple slope gets a big upgrade with a waterfall. The water flows into a basin via a return pump.

The pool is hidden under river rocks and surrounded by boulders. The illusion is created that the water feature originally belongs to the landscape.

4. Choose native plants and flagstones for your hillside garden

Add locally found plants #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Another way to landscape your hillside garden is to fill it with plants. You can find the best plants locally. They have the best chance of survival and thriving. The plants also get along well with other plants.

Flagstones are a great option for steps. They prevent dirt from slipping and can be cut into unusual dimensions.

5. Create an elegant path with light-colored pavers at Hill Base

Add pattern with pavers #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

The deliberate placement of the light-colored paving stones at the foot of the hill creates a sophisticated path.

It creates a noticeable change from the organic look of the walls and plants on the steps.

6. Show off bold design with brick retaining walls and stairs

Brick and rock walls #slope landscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

This landscape was designed entirely with bricks. It was used on the high and low retaining walls.

It was also used for the stairs. The stepped boulders are a unique way to retain dirt and add interest to the hill.

7. Create a glamorous hillside retreat with flagstone stairs

Build a natural staircase #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Look for flat areas along your hill that can be leveled and used as a seating or dining area.

If you prefer an organic look, build your steps from natural materials like these stone slabs. Matching plants on each page create a bookend look.

8. Concrete stairs and seating with contrasting design elements

Create a grand entrance #slopelandscapedesign #budget #decorhomeideas

This winding path forces you to climb the stairs. The stairs and retaining wall were made of poured concrete. The seating area contrasts the path through hard nooks and crannies. It also separates itself through the use of gray concrete and paving stones.

The two sections are connected by the brown pea gravel flowing under the paving stones.

9. Decorate a dining area with stairs made of brick and recycled cement

Create a new dining area #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Tall flowers create a dreamy garden. Bricks and reclaimed cement panels form the stairs leading to an umbrella-covered dining area.

The lamps that illuminate the steps blend harmoniously into the landscape.

10. Use big steps to divide your garden

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Use large steps to divide a sloping garden. A lawn provides a lush contrast to the older trees.

Stairs allow easy access to the house and divide the yard into two sections.

11. Modify the slope stairs with creeping thyme ground cover

Easy transition steps #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

When creating a staircase, it is important to consider the slope and spacing. The plates at the base are wider. In the middle, adding a plateau makes the transition easier before the final five steps. The owners have created a little piece of paradise there by adding the ground cover Creeping Thyme.

Creeping herbs are a useful and inexpensive way to add ground cover to your landscape. They attract pollinators, are fragrant and edible.

Golden Oregano is a hearty alternative to Creeping Thyme shown here.

12. Tranquil pool waterfall with tiered retaining walls as an accent

Expanded entertainment area #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Two levels of retaining walls separate the terrace and pool area. The side of the hot tub, pool edge and pads were clad in the same stone as the patio walls and columns. Water flowing from the tub to the pool creates a soothing waterfall sound.

Installing steps into the hill will save you money on excavation work. Building low retaining walls can be a worthwhile do-it-yourself project.

13. Add seating and a pond to the sloping garden to protect against flooding

Garden path and seating area #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Add steps and a seating area at the bottom of the hill. If your area is flooded, build a pond with a pump to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

This yard uses its natural slope to drain water to the desired area. The garden area is defined with pea gravel as the substrate.

14. Redesign your hillside with stone walls, stairs and a gazebo

Garden path and gazebo #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Build retaining walls and stairs from natural stones and slabs. The shaded seating area creates an inviting relaxation area.

15. Beautify the stone steps on the slope with colorful ground cover plants

Ground cover path #slopelandscapedesign #budget #decorhomeideas

The ground cover does not have to stand aside. It can be used instead of gravel on sidewalks. This path mixes ground cover with large flagstones.

The types of ground cover you choose depends on the climate in your region.

16. Add structure to your retaining wall with Climbing Ivy

Have fun with retaining walls #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

The retaining wall is obscured by climbing ivy.

Ornamental grasses create privacy around a cozy seating area. White round pavers at the bottom add a touch of whimsy.

17. Create cohesive retaining walls using different materials

Mix and match materials #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Different materials are used for retaining walls in several sections.

Stone slabs, wood surrounds and brick work together by maintaining the reddish brick color.

18. Prevent erosion with creeping phlox groundcovers

Planting ground cover #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Secluded seating areas are among the most popular hill landscaping ideas. A path was created from irregular stone paving stones.

Creeping phlox on the hill provides color while preventing erosion. More ground cover and low bushes will not detract from the beautiful landscape.

19. Incorporate plants into retaining walls and pavers

Plant shrubs in front of walls #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

The retaining wall here is softened by the use of plants as a border.

Large pavers are given a unique look by selectively planting grass between the edges.

20. Reclaimed bricks form a retaining wall for wildflower beds

Plant wildflowers #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Wildflowers make great backdrops for the lawn.

A low retaining wall made from reclaimed hand-cut bricks is the perfect choice for the informal flower beds.

21. Add stability with white pebbles and railroad ties

Railroad ties and gravel #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

If the slope is soft, you have more options when choosing materials for the steps.

White gravel stones can be used and secured with railroad ties. Gravel is not ideal on steep slopes as you have no traction and can spin out of control.

22. Get an elegant look with raised beds

Raised beds for the garden #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Hills are the perfect place to build raised beds. Fruits and vegetables are planted this way. Plants with roots that require deep soil can be planted in the taller retaining walls.

Herbs are a good choice for greening slopes. There are many varieties with deep roots that help prevent soil erosion.

23. Relax in luxury with stone steps and uniform brick walls

Secondary seating areas #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

The use of stone slabs for the steps and uniform bricks for the walls gives this tiered terrace a formal look.

24. Bring rustic elegance with flagstone stairs

Stone slab stairs #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Use flagstones for natural-looking stairs. The large rocks and boulders on each side slow erosion and are an inexpensive landscaping idea.

Shrubs and flowers soften the look.

25. Create a spacious garden with spiral staircases made from rock walls

Stone wall with stairs #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

A stepped, serpentine path was created using rock walls. The stairs were built from poured cement.

They lead to a quiet, shaded seating area.

26. Get a modern vibe with Tiered Rock Garden

Tiered rock garden #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

Retaining walls were built in layers. Rock gardens with slow-growing plants are a low-maintenance solution.

27. Beautify your mulch beds with plants

Use plants in mulch beds #hillsidelandscaping #budget #decorhomeideas

A steep slope may not be accessible for daily maintenance.

In this case, a staircase is built into the sides of the hill. All grass was removed and replaced with mulch.