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Beautiful Types of Hellebores Varieties

Are you looking for unique flowering plants for your garden? This Best Types of Helleborus Varieties will help you!

Hellebores are unique flowering plants with different colors and shapes. If you want to incorporate them into your garden, choose a unique specimen Best Types of Helleborus Varieties shown below!

Different colors of hellebore

Hellebores are popular perennials known for their unique flowers, which come in many different hues, from yellow and green to metallic blue and almost black. Also white, pink and purple!

You can also find hybrid varieties Lenten roses with marbled leaves or double-petaled flowers that look like roses. They are often mottled, spotted or veined; Some have sepals edged in beautiful contrasting tones. With such beautiful colors, hellebore arouse great interest in winter gardening.

List of Best hellebore varieties

1. Stinky hellebore

33 Best Types of Helleborus Varieties 1

Botanical name: Helleborus foetidus

USDA zones: 5-9

These hellebore varieties feature large, open clusters of pretty yellow-green, bell-shaped flowers with red edges from late winter to mid-spring.

2. Christmas rose

Botanical name: Helleborus niger

USDA zones: 3-8

This winter-flowering classic evergreen perennial has cup-shaped, large, white flowers with golden yellow stamens. The dark green palmate leaves are deeply lobed.

3. Corsican hellebore

Botanical name: Helleborus argustifolius

USDA zones: 8-10

Native to Corsica and Sardinia, this evergreen perennial produces large, open clusters of up to thirty pale green flowers with green stamens. It blooms from late winter to early summer.

4. Lenten roses

Botanical name: Helleborus orientalis

USDA zones: 5-9

This type of hellebore is native to the dry climates of Turkey and Greece and is considered the most colorful and flowering species of the genus. The large flowers come in many shades, from creamy white to dark plum red.

5. Double spotted white

Botanical name: Helleborus orientalis ‘Double White Spotted’

USDA zones: 5-9

Double White Spotted is a Lenten rose. It has cup-shaped, double, white flowers with burgundy red dots in the middle.

6. Golden Lotus

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Golden Lotus’

USDA zones: 5-8

‘Golden Lotus’ offers fluffy, fully double, sunny yellow flowers with burgundy edges and delicate stripes on the underside from late winter to early spring.

7. Onyx Odyssey

Botanical name: Hellebore “Onyx Odyssey”

USDA zones: 4-8

This deeply colored bloom features large purple-black double flowers. They do not fade over time and are a long-lasting addition to spring flowering plants.

8. Ivory Prince

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’

USDA zones: 4-9

This upward-facing, compact type of hellebore has deep pink buds that open into single white flowers with hints of rose and chartreuse.

9. Ice cream and roses

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Ice and Roses’

USDA zones: 5-9

Ice and Roses features large, velvety crimson flowers above deep mahogany leaves. It is considered to be the original red variety.

10. Confetti cake

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Confetti Cake’

USDA zones: 4-9

It is characterized by upright, large flowers on strong stems. Other beautiful hellebores include Dark and Handsome, True Love and Maid of Honor.

11. Spotted super yellow

Botanical name: Helleborus anemone ‘Super Yellow Spotted’

USDA zones: 4-9

The word “anemone” is used to explain hellebore, which has a cream-colored layer of petals in the center of the flower, giving it an extraordinary appearance. A touch of purple creates contrast with delicate yellow flowers.

12. Double Ellen Picotee

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Double Ellen Picotee’

USDA zones: 4-8

This beautiful, layered bloom with a unique center and bold purple edges looks wonderful in the garden.

13. Single white spot

33 Best Types of Helleborus Varieties 7

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Single White Blotched’

USDA zones: 4-8

As the name suggests, this flower has purple spots on each petal, which gives a special look to your plant collection in the garden.

14. Single Slate Blue

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Single Slaty Blue’

USDA zones: 5-9

This clump-forming hellebore variety blooms from mid-winter to early spring and produces leathery, deeply lobed green leaves and outward-facing gray-purple flowers.

15. French kiss

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘French Kiss’

USDA zones: 4-9

This variety offers large, single, white flowers decorated with raspberry pink veins from early to mid spring.

16. Blushing bridesmaid

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’

USDA zones: 4-9

The double white flowers are decorated with raspberry pink veins and picotee edges. It blooms profusely in early to mid spring above dark, evergreen leaves.

17. Cotton candy

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Cotton Candy’

USDA zones: 5-8

The long-lasting, decorative, cup-shaped flowers appear in light pink color from late winter to early spring. They bloom profusely throughout the season.

18. Peppermint ice cream

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Peppermint Ice’

USDA zones: 5-8

Peppermint Ice features large, fully double, lotus-like, cup-shaped, light pink flowers patterned with dark pink edges and red-veined undersides.

19. Berry swirls

33 Best Types of Hellebore Varieties 10

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Berry Swirl’

USDA zones: 5-8

The decorative, long-lasting, double, cup-shaped, pink to deep pink flowers are designed with creamy white centers. These hellebore varieties are ideal for winter gardens because they have an early flowering period.

20. First Dance

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘First Dance’

USDA zones: 4-9

This variety is characterized by large double yellow flowers decorated with maroon picotee edges and veins from early to mid spring.

21. Flower Girl

33 Best Types of Helleborus Varieties 11

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Flower Girl’

USDA zones: 4-9

It displays large, double, blush to light pink flowers over dark green leaves in early to mid spring.

22. Midnight Ruffles

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Midnight Ruffles’

USDA zones: 4-9

‘Midnight Ruffles’ produces large double flowers filled with ruffled, velvety black petals and contrasting yellow stamens.

23. Maid of honor

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘maid of honor’

USDA zones: 4-9

This beautiful species of hellebore is prized for its double, large, light to dark pink flowers that bloom profusely in early to mid spring above glossy, dark green evergreen leaves.

24th New York Night

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘New York Night’

USDA zones: 4-9

The large, single black flowers display shades of deep gray-purple, jet black and black-purple in early to mid spring.

25. Vegas Nights

33 Best Types of Hellebore Varieties 13

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Vegas Nights’

USDA zones: 4-9

‘Vegas Nights’ features large, single slate gray to dark purple flowers over deep green foliage in early to mid spring.

26. Ruse Black

Botanical name: Helleborus x ‘Ruse Black’

USDA zones: 3-8

Japan’s new oriental hybrid hellebore variety features dramatic dark purple-black flowers on sturdy stems. A unique guy you will meet!

27. Windcliff Double

33 Best Types of Hellebore Varieties 14

Botanical name: Helleborus x ‘Windcliff Double Pink’

USDA zones: 3-9

The showy double pink flowers appear from late winter to spring above mounded foliage that provides year-round interest.

28. Cherry blossom

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Cherry Blossom’

USDA zones: 4-8

The large, semi-double flowers in rich pink with deep cherry red centers and evergreen leaves can be a perfect addition to shady beds and borders.

29. Cinnamon snow

Botanical name: Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Cinnamon Snow’

USDA zones: 5-8

The attractive cream-colored petals are decorated with hints of cinnamon snow. The outside temperature affects the shade of this hellebore.

30. Mahogany Snow

Botanical name: Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Mahogany Snow’

USDA zones: 5-9

These star-shaped hellebores have cream-colored flowers with burnt tips on red stems and dark green leaves.

31. Walberton’s Rosemary

33 Best Types of Helleborus Varieties 16

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Walberton’s Rosemary’

USDA zones: 4-9

The angular and wrinkled petals of this hellebore have pinkish-red flowers and medium green, five-lobed foliage.

32. Black Diamond

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Black Diamond’

USDA zones: 4-9

This hybrid from the Winter Jewels series showcases inky nodding flowers, bright yellow stamens and evergreen leaves.

33. Helleborus Merlin

Botanical name: Helleborus ‘Merlin’

USDA zones: 5-9

“Merlin” is a beauty you just can’t resist in your garden. The flowers have a sweet pinkish-red hue and grow best in bright, indirect light.

When do these Helleborus varieties bloom?

Helleborus varieties bloom in late winter or early spring, usually between January and February and April and May. That’s why everyone appreciates them. They add color to gardens when other plants are still sleeping in the winter cold.

Hellebore thrives in late winter or early spring and displays new leaves on the underside. At about the same time, tall stems appear, each with a flower. This growth continues until summer when the hellebore takes a break and slows down. During this time they do not grow as much and lie dormant until the next season.

Hellebores are amazing flowers that bloom in winter and add beauty to cold gardens. Choose your favorite colors and varieties and start planting. Watch them brighten up your home!