Tuesday , 27 February 2024
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Hanging Kitchen Shelves For Your Home

We all need storage space in the kitchen so that we can easily access glasses and dishes. A kitchen just wouldn’t be the same without kitchen shelves. Shelves are great for storage and also for displaying decorations. You can store spices in jars, stack books, store your best china, and display miniature plants on your shelves. We at Design Cafe wrote a blog post about hanging kitchen shelves for your home. Read now to learn more!

Wooden hanging kitchen shelves
Would you like your books and glasses to be always at hand? We have a solution where you can place both books and glasses on hanging kitchen shelves. Take a look at this kitchen: It is an island kitchen with two stacked light wood shelves. This shelf is great for storing all your goodies or jam bottles, and if you’re a fan of reading, you can also store your books here. This kitchen features a frost white marble countertop and an island with a light wood countertop. This kitchen features fold-down dome-shaped lights painted Airforce Blue.