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Creative Handmade Wooden Vase Designs

It’s so much better when there are at least a few vibrant decorations in your home. You can use all kinds of decorations that you want, but you can never quite get the refreshing effect that the plants and flowers create. But do you know what would be even better? When you present your favorite flowers in a vase that you have made yourself, or alternatively in a handmade vase that was given to you. Handmade vases are not only a viable decoration option for your home, they also make suitable gifts for your friends or family’s homes. But first you need to make some and one of the first things you need for that is ideas. Many ideas. That’s why we’re here.

Welcome to a new collection of handmade decorations where we show you 17 creative handmade vase designs to brighten up your home. Most of the ideas you will see below are very easy to implement. Unfortunately, there are no instructions on these projects, but you won’t have trouble figuring out how most of these designs were made.
Hopefully we will inspire you to create some of these projects and add them to your home decor or bring them as a unique guest to someone you care about. Enjoy!