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What to Pair Silk Tops With

Someone is in need of a new casual and trendy outfit! No? Well, even if you currently don’t you must think of the future and for other arrangements that you have planned. Keep in mind, a lady can never have enough outfits or outfit ideas. Today, you will be getting to know about a few outfit ideas that concern silk tops. Silk tops, are quite an elegant and sophisticated yet trendy piece of clothing that never go out of style. They are simple yet expressive, plain yet beautiful and above all they flatter every woman. Regardless of age, color, size…etc.

Silk tops have numerous advantages and their¬†beauty is not the only one. Their versatility play a major role in ever girl’s wardrobe. Pairing your silk top with any pair of bottoms you have is not only the best feeling ever but it reassures you that no matter what you will always have a great outfit no matter how late you are. A few suggestions you can consider are:


A silk top cannot go wrong with an elegant skirt. Depending on where you are headed you can determine the length of the skirt. Work appropriate length would be below the knee and knee length skirts. Opt for a silk dress shirt and tuck it all the way into your skirt. Or if you are not that picky about dress code, choose a shorter top that brushes along the hemline of your skirt.


A short silk top with a pair of skinny/baggy jeans is a perfect pick for a casual outing or shopping trip. Throw a cardigan on for a chic look.


These do unnecessarily have to be denim. All material can suit with your silk top. You can also go for capris also that fall in the same “tights” category.