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Nudie Jeans Women: How to Wear The Designer Brand

Keeping a variety of different designer brand in your closet is very much recommended by famous fashion experts. It is always good to have the expensive stuff around in case you get invited to a high-end party or just want to feel full glam for the evening. Although many women think that designer clothing has to always be dresses and gown. But designer tops and jeans are also a thing! Nudie jeans women are a very famous brand that deals with producing the best designs and styles of jeans. They look incredibly chic and can be worn uniquely with the right items. Check out some outfits you can put together:

Sleeveless Top Look

Nudie jeans women look best when paired with chic casual clothes. For example with a pair of black Nudie jeans, pair with a light olive drapey sleeveless top with big arm holes. Pair with a thick black belt and gold heels.


Patterned tops actually look great with light blue Nudie jeans women. The jeans do not have to be skinny, the baggier they are the better they look. Opt for a cute summery pattern like pineapples of mangoes or bananas. Pair with a small handbag and floral flats.

All Black Goddess

Nudie jeans women have the best black jeans. Pair your black pair of Nudie jeans with a baggy black sweater. With no defined neckline or cut, the baggier and messier it looks the better. Opt for black chunky block platform heels and a black envelope clutch with your ensemble.

Ruby Princess

Find yourself a pair of ruby/burgundy Nudie jeans women and pair with a gorgeous tee that is stamped all over with floral patterns (preferably in the same ruby color theme). Dissolve the iconic redness with pastel pink and white sneakers. A floral headband with blush pink and white flowers would look adorable!