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Stunning Flowering Calatheas

Calatheas are famous for their colorful foliage and hide a trump card between their leaves: flowers! Here are the best Blooming Calatheas.

Flowering Calatheas 1

Blooming Calatheas give you the best of both worlds – beautifully patterned leaves with matching colorful flowers! With these plants you can take your gardening experience to a new level!

Stunning flowering calatheas

1. Calathea Crocata

It is commonly known as the “Eternal Flame” due to its bright orange flowers that resemble a flame. This flowering calathea can bloom any time from late winter or early spring to summer.

2. Calathea Warscewiczii

This variety produces cone-shaped inflorescences that bloom into white flowers with purple undersides. The best part? Its flowers also exude a wonderful scent!

3. Calathea Roseopicta “Medallion”

Although it is primarily grown for its stunning foliage, it can also produce small white or purple flowers under the right conditions. They are inconspicuous, but if you have them your calathea will grow happily.

Pro tip: Encourage flowering by providing the right humidity, temperature and light balance.

4. Calathea loeseneri

It produces small, white or pale yellow flowers in clusters – but this can be achieved if the plant is well cared for.

5. Calathea rufibarba

Flowering Calatheas 7

Its flowers are typically yellow and match the plant’s long, dark green leaves very well. They usually appear at the bottom of the stems, making them highly unusual and a sight to behold.

6. Calathea Bicajoux Pink

It blooms with pink flowers that accentuate the look of its two-tone leaves and create a beautiful contrast! It also remains manageable and reaches a height of 90 to 120 cm when fully grown.

7. Calathea “Holiday”

Flowering Calatheas 9

The subtle hues of its flowers – a mix of yellow, magenta and white – gently complement the boldly patterned leaves. It’s also one of our favorites.

Encourage calatheas to bloom

While calatheas are typically plants that people grow for their unique leaves, one must understand their needs to encourage them to bloom:

  • humidity: These tropical beauties love high humidity.
  • lighting: Indirect but bright light is ideal.
  • temperature: They prefer warmer temperatures and do not tolerate cold drafts well.
  • Floor: Well-drained, fertile soil is key.
  • Water: Keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged.

A floral touch to green elegance!

Although not as showy as their foliage, these flowers add an extra layer of beauty to an already fascinating plant! The blooms of a calathea are certainly something you would love to show off to your gardening friends!