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Womens Jeans – All the Types and Version

Jeans are the world’s most worn and frequently bought clothing piece. Everyone loves them and everyone wears them. They are everyone’s go-to. Going out for shopping, wear jeans! Don’t have ironed pants for work, switch them with a pair of formal jeans. Womens jeans are a great life savior. But just like every other type of clothing, there are variations to it. Below is a list of womens jeans types that you can take a look at for future shopping trips:

Boot Cut Jeans

The hems of these jeans are pretty wide allowing the wearer to easily insert their shoes (boots) through them. Hence the name!

Skinny Jeans

The most worn and talked about type of jeans; many ladies like to wear these jeans as an all-time go-to. They are not more than what their name depicts.

Flare Leg Jeans

Also referred to as Bell Bottom Jeans this type of womens jeans is much loved by ladies. It is tight along the thighs but drastically widens as it reaches below the knees till the tips of your toes. A must have for long legged women.

Loose Fit Jeans

Not too tight and not too wide can perfectly describe these jeans. They allow your skin to breathe comfortably while still giving off the impression of skinny jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans

A lot like the previous type of jeans this one fit loosely around the figure of the wearer. Sitting slightly above the hip bones, it is termed as a medium rise pair of jeans.           Most of the times these jeans are distressed and are best worn rolled up.

Straight Leg Jeans

Evenly cut and stitched to fall in a straight line from the curve of your hips till your very ankles, these jeans hold their own type of elegance. They come in many rises like high waisted and low waisted.