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Mens Jumper: Spending Winter with Style

In winter, sweaters are a great helping hand. Not just for the warmth, they bring you but when you want to style a warm outfit for going out somewhere and have no warm yet stylish clothes. Sweaters are awesome from every dimension. Mens jumper is actually a very easy thing to style! You can just throw it on with a pair of jeans, shoes and you are set. But for those of you who want to go for a more respectable, sophisticated and elegant the outfit ideas below are meant for you:

Olive Gray

One of the best ways to wear mens jumper is by styling it with formal clothing. Start with olive formal pants, a black and white checkered formal shirt and a V-neck Polo jumper. Black shoes pair nicely with such an outfit.

Navy Gray 

Whether you are a teacher or an office man you will love this look. Start with slim fit navy formal trousers, light blue collared dress shirt, and a heather gray mens jumper. Glossy brown formal shoes can be worn but you can change that selection.

Denim White

This look is fairly simple but the choice of colors and textures makes it stand out. You will need: a cable knit white mens jumper, black skinny jeans, black leather belt and a denim jacket on top of everything. Shoes should be casual for this street outfit.

Suit Jumper

How about wearing a mens jumper in your suit? Sounds great! Start with your usual dress shirt then slip on a mens jumper of any color you like with your formal trousers, blazer then finally your shoes. A tie is not needed for this look.


This outfit is a definite runway fashion type of look. Begin by slipping on a formal shirt (or just any tee), a patterned mens jumper, black skinnies and a thick gray woolen scarf.