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Jumper Shorts – Stunning Outfits for 2017 Summer

These pieces of clothing are the definition of timeless. Girls of all ages can wear them no matter when and how. Usually called a dungaree, jumper shorts are different versions of a dungaree. A dungaree commonly has pants attached to it but these have shorts instead. You can find varying lengths of the shorts like in the 2nd picture in the second row, but overall they are always shorts. Now, there are not many ways of styling and designing outfits featuring a pair of jumper shorts because there is not really much you can add to your outfit. But below are some stylish ways you can accessorize your look:

Crop Top Under Your Jumper Shorts

Instead of going for the mainstream t shirt look every girl opts for. Stand out of the crowd with a black crop top and denim jumper shorts, leather booties, crossbody bag and a hat.

Bralette Instead!

A racier and naughtier look you want to opt for if you are feeling it, is going for a bralette under your jumper shorts. You will earn yourself some admiring and disgracing stares from men and women, but all in all it is worth it!

Leggings or Pantyhose

To make your outfit look super sophisticated and chic, go for black/white leggings or pantyhose before pulling on your jumper shorts. You might not or never see this outfit anywhere so it will look pretty unique.

Sheer Blouse Beneath Your Jumper Shorts

The only way to style your jumper shorts’ outfit is to be variant with the top selection you make. Go for a sheer white collared blouse or button down shirt. It may or may not be full sleeve.

How About A Sweater?

A crochet or baggy sweater with full sleeves and a scoop neckline is perfect to wear with boy shorts. Complete the look with All Star sneakers, small leather satchel handbag and a floppy hat.