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How to Wear A Cocoon Sweater

Sweaters are a focal part of every wardrobe. Whether you are a man, woman or even a child. Sweaters will always come in handy when the weather drastically changes during the last days of summer and the beginning days of autumn. The weather at night drops and every day inches towards the colder and colder parts of the centigrade balance. Of course, every person’s most important though when wearing a sweater is “Do I look good?” Here is an idea! Go for a cocoon sweater, and you will never find yourself asking the question “Do I look good?”. You will always be looking on point and super fashionable. Check out these outfits:

Black Dress and Cocoon Sweater

A perfect night out outfit would be this on. Go for a sleeveless black bodycon dress with a chic cocoon sweater in any color you like. Some favorites are: burgundy, gray, beige and charcoal.

A Netted Cocoon Sweater Always Works

For this look you will need a sweater that is not exactly fully woven but has little gaps here and there. Pair with leather leggings and a black open neck top. Black booties would be nice.

Denim Cutoffs and Casual Tee

If you are looking for a super boho/hipster look this is a perfect one. Go for black distressed denim shorts of cutoffs with a gray tee (featuring any design or text) and a slightly darker gray cocoon sweater.

Black Dress Shirt and Skinnies

Nothing looks better than a casual piece with a formal piece. For this look you will need a black button up full sleeve dress shirt or a blouse and ripped black skinny jeans. Pair with a grey speckled cocoon sweater.

Boldness at Its Finest

This look deals with more of a bold charisma. You will need: fitted black sweats. leopard print top and a thing white cocoon sweater. A pair of black chunky heeled booties will be needed.