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Grey Pumps – Classy Items to Pair with Them

Pump heels are known to be the top most liked and worn shoes in the fashion industry. Whether pointy or curved these heels are worn by all types of ladies for they undoubtedly flatter the shape of your legs and feet. And as always there are a select number of outfits and clothes you can wear these shoes with and they compliment you even more. Today you will be reading about grey pumps outfits. The chic color which can be worn all year round is a top favorite of many not to mention, matches with different colors. Check out these outfits:

Skinny Jeans Look

Skinny or slim fit jeans always look great with grey pumps. All you need is a top! Go for a white body wrap blouse or a loose fitted V-neck one. Pair with a black leather handbag.

3 Shades of Grey

Play with different shades of grey for the perfect dimension look. Opt for a pair of grey skinny jeans (if not available go for a faded or stonewashed black denim ones), a sweater in lighter grey and a pair of grey pumps. Pay attention to details of the items.

Capri Skinny Jeans

Show your ankles in a pair of grey pumps for the perfect sleek look. Your outfit should consist of: high rise skinny jeans (rolled up at the hem), a cream, beige or white sweater with a below-the-knee light pink trench coat. Pair with a black quilted bag.

Skirt and Stockings Look

Always a great look you can opt for is this one. Choose a mini or skater skirt in the color black alongside sheer black leggings. Pair with a full sleeve grey sweater crop top and grey pumps. Sunglasses and hair accessories are other great pairings.

Navy Dress

Navy and grey look beautiful together as always. Choose gold jewelry with the look.