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How to Wear A Sleeveless Coat

There are some items you add to your wardrobe that do not exactly do anything but add style to your look. Every woman needs a couple of pieces like those. A sleeveless coat is a prime example of these fashion pieces. A coat in itself is supposed to provide warmth and protection against the bitter cold in winter. But, the sleeveless version of a coat is really just a part of a trend that started a long time ago. And like every fashion piece you will always find a broad variety of styles and different cuts and shapes to it. Making your pick may be hard but every single selection you make will be absolutely stunning for this is the charm of sleeveless coats.

Knitted Dress and Suede Over the Knee-s

One of the best and chicest looks you can opt for this one is easy to put together. You will need: thigh length dress, over the knee suedes, knee length sleeveless coat.

High Waisted Work Pants with Collared Shirt

This work ensemble needs: high waisted slim fit trousers, two strap sandal heels, button up collared full sleeve shirt, a thigh length sleeveless coat. You may or may not roll up the sleeves of the shirt.

Black Denim with White Crops

You can wear this look anywhere and it only calls for: ripped black denims, a white crop top, your coat and booties.

Rockstar Look

Super elegant and streamlined this look consists of: turtleneck sweater, leather tights, ankle booties, sunnies and a long sleeveless vest coat.

Stockings and Skirt Look

A very easy outfit that you can put together with items that are already in your wardrobe you will need: a skirt, stockings,  thigh high boots, a white blouse and of course your awesome trendy coat. You can switch up the white blouse for any other type of top.