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New Women’s Sandals You Need To Buy

I’d like to remind people that some people like have shoe-contacts before they make an eye contact. Now tell me, if you see someone, you’re attracted to, say a cute person, would you want him to see your sandals that have seen better days and are on the verge of falling apart?

Now imagine further, would you want the person to stare at your feet that too have seen better days, are cracked and could use a really good pedicure?

I am guessing the answer to that for most women would be “no”. If it’s “no, I wouldn’t care” then woman, I think you need to get more cats to last you your completely single life.

The important tip to all women is that clean feet are just as necessary as good shoes. So, please invest in the health of your feet before you invest in getting new shoes.

Moving on to a lighter note, let’s discuss some trends that are irresistibly cute and will take a chunk of your bank balance after we have introduced these babies to you.

Sandals, with a back strap or without, are both in right now. They can be paired with numerous clothes and are so comfortable that you’d want to wear them with everything. Well, it is a good thing then that they can be found in all colors of your liking. Although, I would highly recommend you get them in tones of browns, cream and of course, black and white are always a must.

Some of these sandals, as you can see, have crisscross patterns used in them. Another thing that is very popular these days in sandals is the cutwork and the stone embellishments. They make your sandals look super cute and your feet even prettier.

One last thing, never compromise on the comfort level of a shoe wears because that is just simply painful.