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How to Classily Wear Latex Leggings

Leather/wet look leggings are one of the many fashion items that unfortunately fell in the category of “trashy clothing”. Many girls do not opt for these leggings for day to day wear because they are either too flashy or too hot to handle. That is quite very obviously not the reason why latex leggings are not worn. Many girls do not know how to wear these types of leggings so therefore they are termed as bad clothing pieces. Although latex leggings are admittedly very flashy and over the top, there is a way to mute down their undeniably spazzy nature. Here are a few tips you can follow when going for a latex outfit:

Classy Tops

Yes with the right choice of a top you can easily pull off a wet latex look. Some of your options can be a knit sweater, L/XL sweatshirt, slouchy boots, big coats. Not just that but if you go for layering your clothes on top, that can also be a great look.

These are Leggings NOT Pants

Many girls treat leggings like they are pants and style them that way. No! You are not supposed to do that mistake. Instead of tucking your shirt into your latex leggings, leave it to hang loose around your hips and thighs for the chic and boho look.

Dark Browns

If you can find a pair of latex leggings that are matte like this one on Amazon then that would be great. In that way you can tune down the snazziness of the item. And what matches fabulously with black? Of course dark browns and other muted hues.

Thigh High Boots

These are a definite yes with every outfit and look in your wardrobe. And latex leggings should not be left out. Just steer clear of leather, pointy-toed and super thin stiletto heels because they just make your look super tacky.