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Super Creative Fourth of July Outfits

It is a beautiful day for America and every girl is making sure she is dressing up right for her country. Representing either your country’s flag or colors is an important part of the celebration. But even through all this commotion and hubbub, girls love to look special and at their finest. There are a million other girls within the same country probably wearing the same outfit. So, what to do? Easy! Get your innovative side going and come up with the best ideas. But in case you do not have that or the time for that, the outfit ideas below are just for you:

Color Playing 

Instead of draping yourself in a flag, think wisely and start playing with the colors in the flag. Opt for a red skater/pleated skirt, a white sleeveless knotted crop top and a blue denim jacket. You can wrap and knot the denim jacket around your waist if the weather is warm. Opt for white heels.

Maxi Dresses

Fourth of July outfits never looked better when worn in the shape of maxi dresses. Mimic the flag’s design with a red shimmery/starry dress and pair with white heels for the perfect lavish party look. You can add a blue knotted headband.

Candy Striped Dress

A budget friendly way to represent your country without splurging on fourth of July themed clothing is to opt for a candy striped dress. Those are pretty popular around Christmas if you do not recognize them. You can add blue stars on the dress with DIY methods.

Red and White One Piece

If you are spending the fourth of July on the beach then the perfect look you can opt for is a vintage themed red and white swimsuit. This one which goes back to 1940 till 1950 is an awesome choice as it is simple and right at your fingertips. While this one looks like it was originally created for the fourth of July.