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Skirt Outfits – Ideas for All Types of Skirts

Every girl loves to design and pick out her outfits even if she is going out for something as small as shopping. Being selective about what you wear is and was never something bad. So if you are definite about a skirt being part of your outfit below are some ideas that you can keep in mind when styling your skirt outfits:

Floral Printed Skirts

If that is your choice then a plain shirt would go perfectly. Especially for large prints, pick a color that either matches or contrasts.

Sometimes a top is not just enough for a floral printed skirts. If the weather is slightly cold then a leather jacket, cardigan or mini shrug should match perfectly.

Plain Skirts

Sometimes the best you can do with a plain skirt is put it with a plain shirt but with a matching color. Sweaters are also awesome picks for your plain skirt.

If it was any more obvious, a patterned top is also one of the choices you can take your pick from. Whether it is a dotted, plaid, striped, abstract top, go for it.

Patterned Skirts

This category covers a lot of skirt types because some can have abstract art or various shapes on them. Whatever patterns your skirt may have, that makes it a patterned skirt. For these types skirts a plain shirt should be an easy go-to.

A denim shirt can also be one of your top choices but make sure you tuck it in the skirt.

Long Skirts

The least likely option any girl will go for but if you have made the decision to choose these, any shirt will go with these skirts.

A small loose sweater, a crop top, a casual t shirt, a sweater, a denim shirt, a formal shirt, a brassiere, a skin tight full sleeve cropped shirt are all choices you can make good use of.