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Shoes to Pair with Letterman Jackets

Choosing to wear an overall with your outfit can be a hard choice depending on the weather. But since spring is here and the temperature is still very unbalanced you need to always have a jacket on you upon stepping out of the house. With that being said a jacket is not only what you need but one that provides you style and comfort as well. Letterman jackets are by far the best and most chic option you can opt for. Styling outfits is made easy by them. So to help you out a little check out these list of footwear items you can wear with your jacket:

All Star Converse

These shoes somewhat match with the sporty chicness of letterman jackets. You can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts and leggings. Every color that they are available in is vibrant and wonderful.


Booties are basically; ankle boots with heels. They are available in a variety of styles, heel types and more designs. You can go for any style when you are sporting a letterman jacket. For a preppy look match your booties with 1 color from the jacket.


Flats are also a big deal when it comes to comfort wear. Slip-ons is what they are mostly referred to as. But, overall Vans are a perfect pick for every wardrobe and letterman jackets outfits.

Pointy Toe Heels

You might think that letterman jackets are only to be worn with sporty, funky, casual clothing but that is not entirely right. Pulling on a letterman jacket over a dress and adding pointy toe heels to the whole look gives you a sophisticated and casual ensemble.

Adidas Sneakers

Matching the upbeat sporty nature of letterman jackets, a pair of Adidas sneakers do well when added to such an outfit. Whether you are going to wear a dress or a skirt, these sneakers always match.