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How To Wear A Pink Trench Coat

The color pink is a top favorite of so many girls and is a grand shade to add into outfits. With its various different shades and hues, you can keep a bunch of them in your wardrobe and it will not look repetitive or boring. Taking the hottest piece of clothing in the market currently, a pink trench coat will be the best way you can experiment with this brilliant color. Of course, with trench coats, you have a limitless amount of designs waiting for you to say yes to them. And on top of that you have the different pink shades. Perfect! Check out these ways of wearing a pink trench coat to broaden your ideas and give you some inspiration:

Jeans-y Kinda Look

Skinny jeans are the best thing to pair with a style, trend or color you are newly trying out. Unless you are opting for shorts or skirts then skinny jeans will always be there to help. Opt for a pair of gray jeans, a white top and mid-thigh length light pink trench coat.

LBD and Pink Trench Coat

LBDs look absolutely stunning with everything (not skinny jeans). Whatever their design is, a light pastel pink trench coat will look marvellous with it. Try out different styles like a lace dress and satin/silk coat.

Pink Trench Coat and Patterned Trousers

Patterned trousers are an awesome item to place in any wardrobe. Whenever you are feeling adventurous or want to play with different styles opt for them.

Leggings and Coat Look

This look plays with 2 colors only. You will need: a pair of black leggings, black high neck sweater, leather booties, leather handbag and a double breasted pink trench coat. Top off with as black scarf.

Suedes and Satins

Textures are a big deal! For this look you will opt for 2 different textures to play off a sophisticated chic look. You will need a gray satin dress and a suede pink trench coat. Add sunnies, heels and a black handbag.