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Small Palm Trees: Perfect for Tight Spaces

These small palm trees are great for indoors! You can also easily display them on a small patio or balcony!

Perfect for small spaces or as underplants in larger landscapes, these small palms will add a sense of tropical elegance to your home garden.

1. Lady Palm

Small Palm Tree 1

Botanical Name: Rhapis excelsa

Height: Typically stays under 6 feet

The main attraction of this palm is its dark green, fan-shaped leaves that emerge from slender, bamboo-like canes. The Lady Palm is a lovely addition to snug spaces.

2. Bamboo Palm

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea seifrizii

Height: Generally reaches around 4-6 feet

Reaching about 4-6 feet, this palm looks like bamboo with its feathery, light green fronds. It is a nice choice for spaces with filtered light.

3. Dwarf Parlor Palm

Small Palm Tree 3

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans

Height: Usually remains under 4 feet

This plant’s arching fronds and fine texture make it a must-have indoors. It thrives in low light conditions, making it best for bedrooms.

4. Chinese Fan Palm

Botanical Name: Livistona chinensis

Height: Typically stays below 6 feet

This small palm stands out with its round, fan-like leaves, making it an ideal tabletop plant. Just prune yellow fronds when they appear. The best part – it stays stubby!

5. Cat Palm

Small Palm Tree 5

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea cataractarum

Height: Usually grows up to 6-8 feet tall

With its dense, feathery fronds, it is excellent for creating a lush look in the rooms. Make sure you keep it where there’s plenty of indirect light.

6. Pygmy Date Palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix roebelenii

Height: About 4-6 feet tall

This palm sports arching fronds with delicate, narrow leaflets. Its feathery foliage creates a soft, tropical look, perfect for creating a focal point in small garden areas.

7. Sago Palm

Small Palm Tree 7

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

Height: Can be maintained at 2-5 feet

Though not a true palm, the Sago Palm‘s glossy, dark green fronds resemble fern leaves. It is perfect for gardens and living rooms, both!

8. European Fan Palm

Botanical Name: Chamaerops humilis

Height: Grow up to 6 feet

This palm features fan-shaped, silvery-green fronds that bring a Mediterranean vibe to gardens. Its compact size makes it excellent for compact yards.

9. Champion Palm

Small Palm Tree 9

Botanical Name: Hypophorbe lagenicaulis

Height: Grows up to 20 feet but can be maintained near 5-8 feet

The Champion Palm is a wonderful choice for a lawn or backyard. Its slender trunk and graceful fronds contribute to an elegant tropical aesthetic.

10. Dwarf Majesty Palm

Pigmy Palms 11

Botanical Name: Ravenea hildebrandtii

Height: Usually 4-7 feet

The Dwarf Majesty Palm is compact with lush, dark green fronds. If you are looking to add a tropical flair to your patio, don’t miss this one!

11. Dwarf Palmetto

Small Palm Tree 11

Botanical Name: Sabal minor

Height: 2-6 feet tall

With fan-shaped leaves, it’s an excellent choice for tiny rooms. You can also go for the fast-growing Sabal minor ‘McCurtain.’

12. Coontie Palm

Botanical Name: Zamia integrifolia

Height: 1-3 feet tall

Just like Sago, Coontie is not a real palm, but its fern-live leaves and distinct charm make up for it. This small palm is well-suited for tight spaces and containers.

13. Needle PalmSmall Palm Tree 13

Botanical Name: Rhapidophyllum hystrix

Height: 4-5 feet tall

This palm’s resilience and compact size make it an excellent choice for tight spaces. It is perfect for patios, balconies, and entryways.

14. Atlas Mountain Palm

Small Palm Trees 14

Botanical Name: Chamaerops humilis var. argentea

Height: 5-10 feet tall

The Atlas Mountain Palm has fan-shaped, silvery-green fronds. It looks lovely near pools and driveways.

15. Ponytail PalmSmall Palm Tree 15

Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata

Height: 1-4 feet tall

The Ponytail Palm is best for tabletops! Its slender trunk and long, arching leaves will create a charming statement wherever you put it.

16. Dwarf Sugar Palm

Small Palm Trees 16

Botanical Name: Arenga engleri

Height: 6-8 feet tall

Known for its graceful fronds and compact size, the Dwarf Sugar Palm is a beauty! You can keep these in the bedroom, near large windows, or any sunny spot.

17. Palas Palm

Small Palm Tree 17

Botanical Name: Licuala grandis

Height: 5-7 feet tall

These small palm trees have a sleek stem with circular leaves that stand out. Whether placed in gardens or larger indoor areas, they thrive and look stunning.