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Pergola Ideas That Will Add Shade to Your Backyard

Creating a cool and comfortable outdoor space can be a bit of a challenge – especially when there are no trees to shade the hot summer sun. Luckily, installing a pergola that provides shade and style is easy. Although pergolas come in a variety of designs and sizes, they all have one main purpose: to provide shelter from the natural elements.

What is a pergola?
Pergola owners protect from the sun’s harsh UV rays, and enclosed structures can keep you dry in heavy rain. Pergola is an Italian word of ancient origin, derived from the Latin term “pergola” which refers to a trellis or trellis structure that supports climbing plants. They differ from pavilions in their different dimensions. A gazebo is a free-standing structure with open sides, a roof, and is typically hexagonal or octagonal in shape. Pergolas are structures made up of parallel columns supporting an open roof or a latticework of beams, rafters or latticework. They are usually made out of wood (and other materials like vinyl and steel) and can be detached or attached to a house.

DIY options
Pergolas can be customized and feature retractable eyelet curtains for privacy, incandescent lighting for evening relaxation, quaint window boxes or hanging planters full of fragrant herbs or flowers, and ornate trellises for fast-growing vines to climb. We’ve found free plans for building your own pergola, as well as fun decorating ideas for existing patio and porch canopies. Be sure to check whether your project requires a permit before you begin, and consider hiring a professional for difficult construction work.