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Architectural plants to watch out for this spring

Architectural plants add height, structure and drama to a garden and are particularly effective in smaller gardens to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a holiday abroad. They are just as effective when used in larger gardens to create a focal point, impact and style.

Here we’ve put together a selection of some of our favorite architectural options for both sunny and shadier areas. At this time of year the nursery is full of plants large and small and is definitely worth a visit for inspiration and advice.

1. Agave

Botanical name: agave

Agaves are an excellent choice for adding dimension and character to colorful patio pots and home entryways. Smaller species such as Agave colorata and Agave bracteosa are particularly suitable for growing in pots.

2. Yucca

Botanical name: yucca

A mainstay of modern gardens, yucca is one of the most beautiful architectural plants with evergreen, spiky leaves. Because they are drought-resistant, they can also be easily grown indoors.

3. Giant elephant ear

Botanical name: Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’

When it comes to stunning architectural plants, the Giant Elephant Ear is the very best! This large bulb with tropical-looking foliage reaches 8 feet tall and is a worthy addition to any shady garden.

4. Sea holly

Botanical name: Eryngium

Sea holly adds prickly texture and color to your patio pots and perennial garden. Its distinctive thistle-like stems are drought-tolerant, making them perfect for rock gardens.

5. Snake Plant

Botanical name: Dracaena trifasciata

This humble and easy-care plant is prized for its thick, sword-shaped leaves, sometimes dark green or sometimes accented by light green edges.

6. Succulents

Succulents and sunshine

Succulents come in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for everyone! You can plant colorful plants in tall and large planters to add a vibrant dimension to the landscape!

7. Ornamental grass

Ornamental grasses are valued for their unique texture, height and color and make a wonderful addition to any landscape. Because they tend to become quite invasive, they are well suited to container culture.

8. Juniper

Botanical name: juniper

If you live in a dry area and want to add a fast-growing evergreen plant to your home, consider juniper. This tree bears leaves with fascinating textures and colors, including various shades of green, gold, bronze, purple, silver, and gray.

9. Yew

Botanical name: Taxus baccata

Yews are aesthetically pleasing, slow-growing coniferous trees that can be grown as flower pots or privacy screens. If you are looking for a beautiful privacy screen, consider the English yew tree.

10. Honeybush

Botanical name: Cyclopia

Native to South Africa, honeybush is an attractive perennial shrub with ice-green, frond-like leaves and clusters of burgundy flowers that attract swarms of bees and birds in search of nectar.

11. Cordyline

Botanical name: Cordyline

Cordylines are best suited to the tropics and are hardy enough to survive temperatures up to 15 F. Use large planters and combine them with colorful and textured succulents to create a visually dynamic and elegant container garden!

12. Horsetail

Botanical name: Equisetum arvense

Horsetail is a perennial, water-loving plant usually grown to add an edgy look to a landscape. While it grows quickly to a height of about four feet, it will also spread underground if not contained.

13. New Zealand flax

Botanical name: Phormium

New Zealand flax is a hardy small perennial with strong, sword-like leaves and is adapted to mild climates. In decorative pots it becomes a wonderful eye-catcher.

14. Bamboo

Botanical name: Bamboo vulgaris

Known for taking over gardens with its invasive underground rhizomes, bamboo is a tricky plant to grow in containers. They require root space and a lot of care, but with the right variety, large containers and potting soil it should be easy.

15. Firecrackers

Botanical name: Russelia equisetiformis

This firecracker plant looks stunning with its green, needle-like foliage and red flowers. For optimal display, plant it in tall planters on the patio.

16. Bougainvillea

Botanical name: Bougainvillea

Although it is known as a climbing plant, it also looks good in large containers. Keep it pruned or support it so it can climb and show off its fantastic flowers!

17. Cactus

Botanical name: Cactaceae

Don’t think that cacti are only meant for small spaces and pots. They come in too tall varieties that you can grow them in architectural planters for a dramatic look.

18. Plumeria


Botanical name: Plumeria

Also popular as frangipani, this plant looks like a small tree, making it perfect for large containers. Their fragrant flowers also add a breathtaking dimension to the garden.

19. Hydrangea

Botanical name: hydrangea

The colorful and large hydrangea flowers are a must in every garden. The plant thrives in large pots and fills them with magnificent flowers in no time!

20. Cypress


Botanical name: Cupressus

Potted cypress trees come in many colors, shapes and textures and can be a wonderful addition to a garden. For best display, grow it in straight or staggered rows.

21. Palm trees

Botanical name: Arecaceae

Before you plan to grow palm trees in pots, keep in mind that not all palm trees do well in containers. Chinese fan, Mexican blue, Bismarck and lipstick palms are the best you can grow. You can find more palm trees here!

22. Clematis


Botanical name: clematis

A large plant pot and clematis are all you need on a patio for a stunning decoration. “Betty Corning,” “Black Prince,” and “Pink Champagne” work best for containers!

23. Rose

Botanical name: Pink

One of the most versatile plants on this list, roses come in so many colors that there is something for everyone. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between climbing plants and tall varieties.

24. Boxwood

Botanical name: Boxwood

This pretty green shrub is happy to add rich green color to your garden all year round. Grow them together and cut them into a round shape for a beautiful presentation.

25. Red Twig Dogwood

Botanical name: Cornus sericea

With a tall layer of prostrate stems, this plant is a must-have on a patio or front yard. Combine it with industrial planters to make it look more appealing.

26. Coral Bells

Botanical name: Heuchera

Coral bells are THE plant of choice if you live in a colder climate. It will be more than happy to live in containers and always look amazing!

27. Chinese fringe flower

growing optimism

Botanical name: Loropetalum chinense

The dark brown foliage of the Chinese fringe looks great in bright, tall planters. Place several containers on a walkway to give your garden an attractive look.

28. Thuja


Botanical name: Thuja occidentalis

This evergreen plant is the best way to add a green element to any room. You can also cut it into different shapes and sizes!

29. Hostas

Botanical name: Hosta

The hosta’s colorful foliage can add a stunning look to any landscape. For optimal presentation, combine it with flowers and grow it in a large container.

30. Japanese banana tree


Botanical name: Musa Basjoo

If you want a lush tropical look in your garden, you must choose the Japanese banana tree for containers. The huge, paddle-like leaves look great and the fruits are an added bonus! If you live in a tropical climate, you can grow any variety!