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How to Wear Camo Hats for Women

Camo prints are everywhere around you, now that summer is approaching. Camo prints seem to be a big hit when the weather starts heating up. Just like black and burgundy is to winter, camo is to summer. And truth be told, there are some pretty awesome prints available when it comes to camo hats. A big part of every summer outfit is a hat to shield the sun from your face so your eyes do not go squinty all the time from the bright summer sunshine. But, in order to look truly dashing you have to wear camo in a certain fashionable way. And here are all the little tips and tricks:

Pair with Laid Back Outfits

Camo hats do not look well with outfits that are all tucked and neat. Instead, wear them when you are heading to the gym in workout clothes. With a boho casual outfit or a hipster on.

Tourist Girl Look

When visiting a city or some place away from your hometown, you have to look friendly and cute to say the least. Go for a pair of denim shorts, a sporty tee and a bucket camo hat or normal baseball cap.

Glamorous Celebrity Look 

This look was worn by Rihanna but you can switch it up a bit. Go for stonewash denim shorts, graphic t shirt, trendy jacket (of any sort) and a unique camo hat. Pair with casual sneakers and a pair of sunglasses.

Aesthetic Camo Hats’ Outfit

For this look you will need a simple selection of items. A white crew neck t shirt, denim cutoffs and a pair of Timberland boots. The hat comes in, in the shape of a bucket one.

Plaid and Denim with Camo Hats

These 3 fashion trends are a seriously fetching combination. Go for a plaid button up full sleeve shirt, skinny jeans a chic baseball camo hat.