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Women’s Sexy Combat Trousers Outfits

One of the classiest and best styles you can add to your wardrobe are those related to army fashion. Khaki, army green, camo and combat trousers are some of the items you can include in your wardrobe. They are super versatile items that you can pair with almost everything. Not just that but they suit everyone regardless of age, color, height or any other minor details. You can find these trousers in many sizes as well as patterns. Some are plain colored and others have camo patterns or other fashionable designs. Whichever pair you currently own, check out these outfit ideas below to know what to pair it with:

Army Green Combat Trousers 

With a pair of plain colored combat trousers, you can pair them with a white top. Tank or tee, doesn’t matter, make sure you tuck it in the pants. Shrug a denim jacket on top for an effortless look. Pair with ankle-strap heels.

Cargo Pants

Whether khaki or green, gray always looks good with everything. Opt for a gray tee and a chambray shirt on top. White strappy heels and black combat boots look great with this outfit.

Military Combat Trousers

With camo printed combat trousers you can’t miss the opportunity of going for a leather and rugged look. Start with your combat trousers, black platform heels, simple black tee, black leather biker jacket, beige beanie and rounded sunnies.

Black Combat Trousers with Sandals

Black combat trousers look way more original than khaki and green. Opt for a baggy pair of black combat trousers, a bra and denim jacket. Keeping your look simple and bold add some zippy black boots with untied laces.

Camo on Cargo 

This look is a very special one as well as super chic. Start off with a pair of combat trousers (of your choice), a camo printed tee and a denim jacket tied around your waist.