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Army Pants: How to Wear Them Unthreateningly

Army prints are no doubt the trendiest prints in the market. Timeless would be another prime way to describe them. They are available in various different styles and designs making them a great pick for men and women. Army pants are the best types of army printed clothing items you can opt for. They are not too flashy or “popping” to attract attention. Army shirts on the other hand draw attention which is something many people like to avoid. But, if you have a bunch of army pants and want to start wearing them innovatively here are some ideas to get you started:

White Top and Denim Shirt

A very casual and laid down look that you can opt for at any time of the day for any occasion is this one. The white top could be a tank or a vest if you want, just something light and easy. For a vibrant look add color contrasting footwear.

Graphic Tee

Army pants look best when worn with a statement shirt. One that is vibrant with color, tie dyed or even has some funky text written all over it. With that sort of top, you will be looking awesome just as you are. But you can add a blazer or jacket on top.

Crop Tops

Nothing can ever outsmart a crop top and army pants look. They both look incredibly chic when paired together. Always opt for a white crop top as it contrasts positively with the greens and khakis in the pants.

Lace Shirts

Lace goes with everything as you all already know. Whether it si a crop top or full sleeve loose fitted shirt, it looks impeccable with a pair of army pants.

Burgundy Everything

Another gorgeous color like white, burgundy looks amazing when worn with army pants. Go for a large woolen sweater and jogger army pants for the perfect laid back look.