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Cottage garden ideas – inspiring spaces and layouts

If you are looking for cottage garden ideas to create a charming property full of character, then start with your own idea of what the space might look like. Is it tumbling climbers crawling up walls, romantic drifts of softly colored perennials, or vintage containers full of fragrant flowers and homegrown plants?

More than all other garden ideas, cottage garden ideas are based on nature. Full of self-seeding plants, falling blooms, and sprawling vines, a cottage garden is more an act of cultivation than planting.

“The cottage garden approach is ‘slow gardening’ that allows self-seeding to be established, curates plant display and relies on plants found along country roadsides such as foxgloves and ferns to colonize themselves. It’s really the opposite of plants, as you either leave a plant that has made its own way to you or take it out,” says Claire Masset, author of Cottage Gardens (opens in new tab).