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How to Accessorize Plus Size Long Dresses

Every dress needs a respective set of jewelry. Overalls, shoes and makeup are all very important parts of every outfit but jewelry happens to be the most important part. Accessorizing gives you a dimensional and sophisticated look, unlike the one you get when you go for an outfit free of jewelry. Dresses, however, are those types of items that very much need jewelry. Without those nifty little accessories, your whole outlook will simply look bland. On the other hand, if you accessorize your look with too much jewelry you will look unbalanced. So taking plus size long dresses as an example, here’s how you can accessorize adequately:

V Neck Plus Size Long Dresses

With V-necks, you basically want to give your neck a lot of attention. But, chunky jewelry will do you no good. The sharp cut of the V-neck asks for a delicate choice in necklaces. As for the sleeves, if they’re long; add 2-3 rings and if they’re short; go for gold bangles.

Bateau Neckline Plus Size Long Dresses

Bateau necklines have a uniqueness about them making them more likely to stand alone and un-accessorized. Their beauty asks for no side accessories so don’t bother. But if you have short sleeves on the plus size long dresses then 1-2 rings/1-2 bangles on each wrist.

Scoop Necked Dresses 

Scoop necks, different than V-necks are more open to chunky jewelry. Thick chokers and pearl necklaces are a definite yes.

Queen Anne Neckline in Plus Size Long Dresses

Such necklines on plus size long dress usually always give great justice to your cleavage so you want to go ahead and opt for a flattering choice in jewelry. A necklace, with a pendant that nestles right above your cleavage or within it, is recommended for a sensual look. Otherwise long layered necklaces do the trick.