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The Many Advantages of Dance Sneakers

All types of fitness exercises like sport and dance should be approached carefully. These activities need not only great effort from the interested individual but you also have to sacrifice a lot. From cuts and nicks to scratches to broken bones, there is no telling what will happen to you once you start dancing. Regardless of what type of dancing you are going for, safety must be your first concern. You have elbow/shoulder/knee pads and other protective items but what about your shoes? Many people do not pay much attention to their footwear choice when they go dancing. Every type of dance needs you to be on your feet doing all sorts of different stuff. That is when you should start thinking about buying dance sneakers.

Price in Question

Even if you are a street dancer and live in a loft somewhere with your buddies, you have to save up for dance sneakers. You can’t dance with broken toes or twisted ankles. Invest in a good pair and you will not regret it. These shoes were basically made to keep the feet of every dancer safe from falls and hits.

What Makes Dance Sneakers Different?

You can’t switch out your normal everyday shoes for dance sneakers and expect everything to go just dandy. Dance sneakers are different in many ways. For starters, there is added support and foam padding on the inside keeping the wearer’s foot snug and away from injuries.

The sole as you can see in the pictures below is a special one. Not the same one you have on your normal everyday shoes. This sole is called a split sole and provides more elasticity and flexibility when dancers pivot or walk on their toes. Most shoes start tearing around the corners when toe movement gets too much.

Most dance sneakers have a unique type of midsole which is a PU midsole. It acts as a shock absorber when you jump from high places or land on your feet roughly.