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How to Pack Diaper Bags for Boys

Having a baby sure is a challenge but there are a couple of nifty tricks that you can implement here and there to make your life easier. Diaper bags for boys is one of those amazing little creations that you can have with you for safety reasons. If you are new to this topic, a diaper bag is something like a mini baby storage cupboard. It is not only for diapers regardless of its name, it also can carry lotions, wipes, food, feeders, extra clothes and more items to always keep your baby boy happy. Most of the times, when you are heading out for an errand and see no other choice but to take your baby along; a diaper bag will come in super handy. Here are all the items that should always be in your diaper bag:


That is no shocker but always keep a good supply of diapers at hand. If you are dealing with a newborn then a diaper for every hour is a good estimation. Always keep room for possibilities.

Baby Wipes

Many recommend the refillable plastic boxes instead of the travel packs for the boxes are easy to reach into without having to remove a sticker or a top. With one hand you can deal with your baby and the other can be grabbing wipes.

Disposal Bags

There should always be a healthy supply of those in your diaper bag for boys. Where will you dump the dirty diapers? Get 400 for only $20.

Spare Onesies and Clothes

Whenever a mishap happens you must keep in mind that extra clothes should always be at hand.

Spare Shirt for You

Sometimes babies can be horrific when it comes to pooping or spitting/burping. You can’t go around wearing a soiled shirt.

Feeder and Formula

Powdered formula is another great necessity. Keep a pack available in your diaper bag for boys at all times. The spare feeder goes without saying.