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How to Choose Halter Wedding Dresses

Halter wedding dresses are popular for the distinct style they portray. With a single, unbroken strap that runs around the back of your neck, halter wedding dresses and popular for the distinct v-shaped neck cut they have. It is celebrated for being the perfect combination of sexy and modest altogether. Allowing for a classic look and style, it incorporates a modern feel to the dress altogether as well. If you are thinking of choosing a halter wedding dress for your big day, there are several things to consider when picking the dress out.

Neck Strap

The famous slinging neck strap that keeps the dress on your body matters a lot. Seeing as it is the most distinct feature of halter wedding dresses, it plays a big role is fitting your body and appearance. From squarish straps to more thing and delicate straps, make sure to pick a style that accentuates your upper body to keep all eyes on yourself.


This goes without saying, but the cut of the bodice will make or break your look. Some dresses flow down to your feet to give you the regal look while some reach the length of your knees and give you a sharper and sexier look. Depending on the location, theme and style of your wedding, choose the cut and bodice accordingly.

Neckline depth

Halter wedding dresses’ necklines come in different sizes or depths. Some necklines fall down low and allow for cleavage to remain in view while others are smaller and close around your collarbones. Of course, the choice is entirely yours, but you need to keep your body type and shape in mind in order to achieve the best look. For instance, slim, skinny or petite brides would want to opt for a smaller neckline to compliment their style while more well endowed brides can opt for a deeper cut neckline.