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Stunning Outdoor Bathroom Designs to Experience Nature

When I think of outdoor bathrooms, I think of relaxing in a tropical place surrounded by plants, watching the stars gradually appear, or simply the convenience of being able to wash off after a dip in the sea. Outdoor bathrooms are both tranquil and functional. And the beauty of building an outdoor bathroom is that you don’t need a big budget or a lot of space to build one.

One of the great benefits of designing your bathroom outdoors is that you can utilize your existing plants and walls for privacy. And since we all know that items left outside can spoil, you can reuse old bathtubs and faucets so it won’t be a problem if your furnishings get damaged.

All in all, an outdoor bathroom is something you should definitely consider for your next home improvement project. Check out these gorgeous outdoor bathrooms for some ideas!

An outdoor bathroom can be a wonderful addition to your garden, whether for rinsing off after swimming in the pool, working in the garden or simply enjoying nature. This outdoor spa would be a luxurious experience that will feel like a spa. Nothing feels nicer than a shower or even a bath in the great outdoors! Surrounded by lush tropical plants, tall grasses, rocks and even fences, consider building your outdoor bathroom in privacy.

There are numerous ways to do this, especially if you have the prying eyes of nearby neighbors. Below we have put together an extensive collection of images to give you some great inspiration on how you can transform your heavenly oasis into a private outdoor retreat for the senses.

Your space can be anything from rustic to modern, or you can even make it all outdoors with a little creative ingenuity. Vintage style bathrooms can exude an elegant atmosphere, the use of stone can make you feel like you are on a wonderful vacation. Outdoor bathing is a luxury experience that everyone should experience, as long as you have enough space in your garden and outdoor plumbing.

Even a garden hose can be installed! Your outdoor space can be a larger part of your indoor bathroom. Maybe your shower is indoors, but your bathtub is outdoors, nestled in rocks or surrounded by flagstones or bricks. Take a look below to find some incredible outdoor bathroom and shower ideas that will give you amazing inspiration. Let us know which one is your favorite!